Dagmar Szabo, Founder chair of charity Sunray for Children

In my personal opinion, one‘s family is the most important thing in their life. My children will be the only reminder of me on this Earth, forever. I have led a very active life and that attitude has stuck with me until today. I can no longer stand idly and let innocent children being humiliated and abused.

Years ago I experienced what it is to feel helpless while living abroad with my family, when things turn to bad due to misunderstandings. So yes, I do know what many of these families and their children experience.

Based on this knowledge, which pushed me to a new direction in life, in 2015 I started to run a successful NGO based in Slovakia and England which lasted for a few years. I helped a many families and people in difficult situations and I fulfilled my wish to help vulnerable, humiliated and abused children. Ever since I fight for the true implementation of human rights of children and their families in real life.

As my NGO grew, the development of events naturally led towards our formal registration with The Charity Commission. In 2022, I founded „Sunray for Children“, a registered charity in England and Wales number 120126.

Since then, I’ve been guided by a few of my own thoughts, such as:

„Never give up….there is always a way!“

This idea always encourages me to look for the best options and paths that will lead towards the best interest for the child.

„A child is a GIFT, not a commodity!“

This motto is the motto of my inner self. It occured to me when I realized that a child, in some circumstances, can become a number. We as a society should attempt to prevent that in the most positive way.

„Lúč pre dieťa“, or „Sunray for Children“ represents a bright beam into the night. A tiny, but intense yellow light from the Sun that shines and brings us out of the darkness. Yellow is the color of the Light from The Sun. That’s why I love the color yellow.

A lot of time has passed since I started help slovakian but also other bacground families to integrate in the UK and the founding of „Lúč pre dieťa“, or „Sunray for Children“ is a result of these years of hard work. A large number of parents, as well as children, turned to me. Every story is different. Most of all, it is difficult for me to bear the pain of innocent children suffering for mistakes of us, the adults. I can’t help everyone, it is not in my power. But I am grateful for every child who lives happilly with their parents or relatives, and in their own safe circle with their loved ones.

My deepest wish is that children know only the tears of happiness……..

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