Dagmar Szabó

Founder Dagmar Szabó, chairman of the non-profit organization Sunray for children

Family is the most important thing in my life. Children are the only thing that will remain with us forever. I have lived actively all my life and that has remained with me to this day. I cannot stand idly by as innocent children are humiliated and abused.
Years ago, I felt what powerlessness is when it comes to family life abroad. I founded A Ray for sunshine for a Child in Great Britain in 2016 based on my own experience. I transformed this organization into the Sunray for Children charity. This experience moved me in a new direction in life. I founded the non-profit organization Luč pre Dieťa in 2015 in Slovakia, thus fulfilling my wish to help vulnerable, humiliated, abused, abused children and fight for their rights.

Since then, I’ve been following a few ideas of my own, such as:
Never give up… there is always a way! A child is a GIFT, not a commodity!

Autor : Dagmar Szabo

Foto: peter@fotografujem.com

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