Support the publishing of the book for charity

Let’s support the publication of the book of short stories „True Stories from Our Practice“ by the charity “Sunray for Children”.

The charity “Sunray for Children” provides the connection, help and advice for people of Slovakian descent living in the UK. As a volunteer, I decided to publish a book of short stories in cooperation with the charity. Since the charity operates exclusively on volunteer basis, it is financially demanding to procure everything necessary for the publication of this book.

Let’s support the publication of the book together.

“Sunray for Children” is the only civic association that specializes in international cases and provides the vital advice for Slovaks in the UK in cases such as the return of minors to the country of origin of the Slovak Republic. While working within this charity, I decided to publish the book „True Stories from Our Practice“.

In the book, which you can also help me publish, there will be real stories that happened to Slovak children living abroad. You will not learn any funny stories, nor will you recognize the specific names of the people who survived the story. It is a glimpse into our environment, our work, which is about helping children and parents in their most difficult moments.

While working with Slovak mums living in the UK, I noticed that a common, although not exclusive, topic is to lose a child to the system, often not by a fault of the parents, but often the miscommunication plays a big role here, so I manage finding help at the right time for them. However, the planned book will also include short stories with happy endings, which you will be happy to read over a cup of coffee or tea.

I must thank my colleagues for creating the environment conductive to writing, my family that has endured my moods for years, and the social media platforms, thanks to which charity I volunteer for was advertised. In the book I capture the real emotions, mood and mobilization of forces to save children and their families.

I plan to publish the book in 500 copies and in a smaller format so that it can be read anywhere. For each short story, I approached an illustrator who would complete the overall atmosphere. It will also be accompanied by photographs.

How do I use your support?

As the author of the book, I do not claim any remuneration, but I need the help of professionals to print the book.

Therefore, the money from this campaign will go to language reduction, proofreading, graphic design, illustrations and printing.

In the event of any surplus after the payment of these items, the rest of the money will be used for the christening of the book public event, details of which will come later.

„The short stories were clearly created under the influence of life, to help children and parents and to help the charity which is helping them…this had a profound effect on me so that while editing them, I realized that most of them have an incredible power:

„Never give up… There is always a way!“

My motto is:

A child is a Gift, not a commodity!

The Winter suits the atmosphere of the book best, so the christening is planned in the Winter, which also makes it an excellent Christmas gift for those people who never give up.

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