Klobúčik – Škola hrou

„Klobúčik –  škola hrou“ was founded in 2016 by the volunteer body „A Ray of sunshine for a child“. We took over this school under our „Sunray for Children“ charity in November 2022.

All activities are created predominantly for Slovak children and parents from the Taunton area and sympathizers of Slovak community in Taunton.

One of our main goals is to educate Slovak children in Slovak language. We also would like to expand the knowledge about Slovakia and Slovak culture in England and Wales.

All activities are intended to show and maintain the cultural traditions of Slovakia, such as Easter egg painting, St. Nicholas Day customs in Slovakia, unique Christmas and Easter celebrations and also modern traditions such as International Day of the Sun, International Children’s Day, and so on.

Additionally, in 2020 we set up our own „Deň slnka“ or „Day of the Sun“.

We look forward to see and welcome anyone with affinity to Slovak or Czech language and culture.

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