A permanent conference of Slovaks living abroad

On October 28 and 29, 2022, the Office for Slovaks Living Abroad organized the permanent conference Slovak Republic and Slovaks Living Abroad 2022. This is the most important forum where representatives of Slovak expatriate communities from all over the world, personalities from Slovak abroad meet, active friends of Slovaks living abroad and representatives of state authorities of the Slovak Republic to discuss together the problems of expatriate life, so that Slovaks living abroad not only boast about the results of their activities, but also inform about the problems they face while doing so. Together, solutions to problems and ways in which the Slovak Republic can support the activities of compatriots aimed at the preservation and development of Slovakness, Slovak culture, customs and language are being sought. Lúč pre Dieťa and Sunray for a Child were represented the conference by the chairwoman Dagmar Szabó.

During the conference, compatriots and representatives presented their contributions. Dagmar Szabó also has the opportunity to present the charity Sunray for Children and Lúť pre Dieťa. During her speech, she pointed out the issue of families and life with children abroad.

You can read the entire entry below or in the proceedings https://www.uszz.sk/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/ZBORNIK-Stala-konferencia-USZZ-Slovenska-republika-a-Slovaci-zijuci-v-zahranici -2022.pdf

Autor: Dagmar Szabó

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