Commissioner for Childre and Synray for Children

Sunray for Children has been addressing the Office of the Commissioner for Children with the
problematic issues related to the helpless minors. The international issue of children returning to their
country of origin is often a complex one. Children can travel with parents for various reasons, arriving to
different countries.
The Commissariat can assist in these complicated international cases and correct the situation to put the
record right for the best interest of the child.
Commissioner for Children
Odborárske námestie 3
811 07 Bratislava
IČO: 50159399
Nonstop: +421 (0) 950 439 342
Tel: +421 (0)2/ 32 19 16 91
Fax:+421 (0)2/32 19 16 99
Author: Dagmar Szabo

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